The Company

Four Nines Technologies, a certified California small business, was founded by consultants with broad experience in providing IT consulting services across a range of vertical industries. We formed the company around a shared commitment to provide excellent service to public sector organizations. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and provide services to clients across the country. We currently work with clients in California, Idaho, Missouri, Texas, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont.  We work well together and bring that advantage to you.

The Name

The origin of our name comes from the practice of determining service level availability, often expressed in "nines."  A system, or its components, might have respective availability targets.  The higher the number, the lower the downtime.  Two nines means 99% system availability, three nines means 99.9% availability and so on. The gold standard is five nines or 99.999% availability. This means a system is unavailable no more than five minutes a year.  Each increase in availability can increase the cost by tenfold, but is that a worthy investment?

The Value

Our name is a call to clients to think critically about cost versus the anticipated benefit and to avoid walking blindly in one direction or the other.  We are passionate about helping our clients find the most appropriate and cost effective solutions available.  We do not believe that the quality of our service can be measured by the number of slides or pages in a presentation or document and we do not believe in overcomplicating projects.  We believe the quality of our service is measured by how well the solution is understood and the simplicity with which it can be implemented.